Zip a Dee Doo Dogs
 Mobile Dog Grooming

Accommodation Features:
Zip a Dee Doo Dogs is fully contained with clean & heated water for comfortable bathing.

Our unit is climate controlled with heat and air conditioning and, equipped with all electrical power. 

About Zip a Dee Doo Dogs

Absolute convenience, we come to you!  Never again will you have to rearrange your schedule for your dog's grooming appointment.  Your dog receives individual one-on-one attention.  Mobile Grooming is a much more enjoyable experience for your dog as there is no separation anxiety because they never leave his/her property.  A quieter, calmer, and more relaxing atmosphere as there aren't any other barking dogs.  Shorter grooming times eliminate the longer necessary hours spent in a groom shop!  Your dog(s) are our  only customer while we are at your home.  Mobile Grooming is easier on you and your dog eliminating the need to transport a dirty dog in your car and the chance for them to stress and get carsick.

Mobile grooming is a wonderful service for the busy professional and senior citizens who may require extra help with their dogs. It is a service based on convenience so the cost will be a little bit higher but, we think most of you will agree that our dogs are worth it!

The Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming include:

  • Convenient services at your home which saves you delivery and pick up trips to the groomer.

  • Eliminates long stays at the grooming shop.

  • We come to your home or office and save you time.

  • Your dog can be groomed even if you aren't home.

  • Eliminates separation anxiety & physical stress for your dog.

  • Personalized individual attention and expert care given to each dog.

  • Special attention given to older dogs.

  • No exposure to other animals, diseases or parasites.

  • No car sickness or dirty pets riding in your car.

  • Eliminates cage drying.

  • Only all natural non-toxic shampoo products are used.  Biodegradable and environmentally safe.

  • Same groomer’s each visit to encourage bonding and trust with your dog.